Who we Are

Davis Wood Essentials is proud to offer carefully crafted pens, bowls, and pen making supplies.

The business is headed by Steven and Christine Davis. Steven comes from a history of military veterans that have proudly served in the US Marines, Air Force, and US Army. He grew up traveling as most military families do. Christine spent her childhood and adult life primarily in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her Father is a Marine.

How this business started?

Well it actually started as a hobby. We both enjoyed turning pens and other small craft items. Realized that we kept receiving requests for special pens and eventually had to form a business. About a year rolled by and we had some scrap wood laying around and offered it to some of our Wood friends. The wood sold very quickly and got us to excited to enter into a different market. We haven't looked back since, with contacts all over the world. We continue to pursue new and unique woods for all of our turning friends and customers.