Products we support and use

A quick blog on things we use in our everyday lives and enjoy.  These are products we have trialed and still use today.  From mugs to turning tools, we recommend only products we have personally used.  Some of these are from amazon and others from different places.  

Ecletticos mugs

First on our list is a mug my wife and I both enjoy. This company makes handmade coffee mugs out of ceramic and always seem to have a nice wood accent.

Savannah Turning tools

Second on our list is the turning tools we use today. They are for a midi/mini lathe. Great for turning pens and other projects. These are cheaper then other tool sets and great for beginners not fully use to using carbide tips.


Can't forget about the Cactus Juice. The stabilizing resin we use for all of our projects when needed.  We stabilize our blanks and the blanks we sell with this resin. You cannot go wrong.


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