Few different pens types, which one do you choose?

What are the differences between pen types and how do each of them right?  

There are three different types of pens. Ballpoints, Rollerballs, and Fountain pens. Each of these three pen types writes differently and requires a different approach when using. I will list out the pros and cons of each type of pen to help you decide.

Ballpoint pens:

Everybody is familiar with ballpoint pens, you most likely use them every day.  These are the most common pen types and are usually the cheapest.  A ballpoint pen uses a small rotating ball that dispenses ink as you write.  These pens are known for writing effectively for a long time.

Rollerball pens:

A rollerball uses the same mechanism as the ballpoint pen but uses a different type of ink.  Rollerball pens typically use a liquid type ink.  All of our ink is from the Schmidt brand.  Rollerballs can also interchange to use the gel ink if desired. Some writers prefer rollerballs over ballpoint pens due to the ease of writing.  Rollerballs also offer a larger variety of tips to customize the writing experience.  Rollerballs typically make broader more defined lines compared to gel or ballpoint pens.    

Fountain pens:

Fountain pens are unique and easy to identify.  Unlike rollerballs or ballpoint they use a nib.  A nib is usually made with an iridium coating.  Fountain pens are also able to be customized with a broader or more defined nib.  There are two different methods of refilling ink with a fountain pen.  Those two options are either disposable refills or a converter kit.  A converter kit is an empty reservoir cartridge that takes raw ink from a vile of ink.   At Davis Wood Essentials, we prefer the converter kit. A key benefit is that the ink is refillable and often times much cheaper than a disposable refill.  

For more questions on the various kind of pens, post a comment in the blog.  As always God bless.

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